Placer County First Time Homebuyer Program (HOME)

Temporarily Suspended

Maximum Amount

Up to $100,000 (40% of Purchase Price)


  • Up to $100,000 in down payment assistance.
  • Deferred, zero interest, long term loan – No monthly payments required on this loan-Pay back when you sell or in 30 years.
  • The assistance bridges the gap from what you qualify for and the price if the home.

Participating Lenders

The First Time Homebuyer Assistance Program should be compatible with most home loans that are on the market. While we encourage you, as a potential buyer,
best fit for you, it is important that you discuss your interest in using the First Time Homebuyer Assistance Program with whomever you chose. The following l
of the Program, making them great options.
Caliber Home Loans:
Guild Mortgage:
Tri-County Bank:
RPM Mortgage:

Approved Education Providers

You must complete a Homebuyer Education Course that has one on one counseling as part of its curriculum. The County has compiled a list of approved educators for you to use:

Program Provider Contact

Anne Marie Novotny
Housing Specialist