County of San Mateo Employee Down Payment Assistance Program

Must be employed by San Mateo County or the Housing Authority

Maximum Amount



  • No income limits.
  • Up to $100,000 for down payment (Plus $5,000 grant for closing costs if currently live outside the County).
  • Loan deferred for 5 Years, 3% interest, then 30-year amortization after deferral.
  • San Marcos Credit Union will waive its lender origination fee of $1,295 if use their loan product.

Participating Lenders

San Mateo Credit Union (40-Year Hybrid Jumbo Loan–fixed for 7 or 10 years, then adjustable, 2% limit on increase per year, 5% total increase limit), OR can use any lender which will work with the County program.

Approved Education Providers

Program Provider Contact

Nila Kim: 650-802-5002
Rosa Mendoza 650-802-5027 or Francisco Gomez 650-802-5002