County of Merced Homebuyer Assistance Program

Program limited to the unincorporated areas of Meced County

Maximum Amount

Up to $100,000 (50% of Total Loan Amount)


  • Up to $38,000 deferred loan to help with down payment or closing cost assistance

Participating Lenders

May use lender of choice.

Approved Education Providers

Borrowers are no longer required to complete the Gateway coaching or education before applying for our city or county Homebuyer Program.
You may apply for the program first, and the education or coaching will be a condition of the loan,
required to be completed prior to loan docs and obtaining final loan approval.
Clients can now schedule their Gateway Coaching appointment and pay the fee by visiting our website

Program Provider Contact

Self-Help Enterprises (SHE) administers the program.
Contact Juan Jaime Homebuyer Manager 559-802-1642
Shadie Garcia loan processor 559-802-1608